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eXtreme Programming and More Math

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So we have this .NET project at work that our development team is pretty excited about. We're going to be writing an engine to handle our EDI using VB .NET and an interface with ASP .NET. We had decided that we wanted to pitch using XP with our CIO. Unfortunately who couldn't justify the huge front end investment in time and he wasn't sold on the idea of paired programming. So it's back to plan-driven development and millions of unit tests, not to mention simple changes that break existing code. Anyway, it was worth a shot.

I'm getting through the first chapter of Practical Algebra. It's a pretty good book for those who need a math refresher. I'm itching to code, but I really want to build a good foundation. I think the math fundementals will pay off exponentially later and accelerate my 3D learning curve.

I also checked out the Ogre 3D engine as an option for the simple platform game that I am designing. There are some pretty cool projects going on with that engine. Including an adventure game called Ankh from a group called Deck 13. You can check it out here:
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You can still do some XP even if it's not pair programming all the time [smile]

I'm looking in to Ogre myself right now too, looks pretty interesting.

Signed, Paul

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Yeah. The CIO stated that while he believes testing is important, he felt we might miss deadlines spending too much time developing test cases for the test-driven piece. That was another major concern he had. We'll pitch it again on the next project probably.

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