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They'll hallow your name for your sacrifice.

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Current Music: Lamb of God - One Gun

Before you ask, I'm only listing the music I'm listening to because ... it's awesome. [grin]

I haven't got anything done this weekend, unfortunately. It was spent largely recouperating from the past week. However, I'm finally starting to feel normal (I slept until 4:30 PM or so today), but it'll be a long day ahead since ... I won't be getting any sleep anytime soon. [sad]

Oh well!

And of course this leads me to say: Lamb of God - Break You is an awesome song. Anybody who protests its awesomeness shall be punched in the face via some new fangled intarwebnet technologies.

Yeah, I need to get working.

I've been thinking of giving The Gimp! a go again and running through several of the tutorials. You know, just for something to do.

What I REALLY should be doing is drilling myself on art. I think the day I start my home brewed weight loss program is the day I'll start drawing daily. Coincidentally (or not so) that will be June 21st, mere days, hours even, away[attention]

In other news, the money for my computer will be available to me in about two weeks - roughly whenever my father finishes work. Oddly enough, that's when I finish work (SALVATION). So, yeah, I'm pretty psyched about that. I believe I will be purchasing a tablet, traditional drafting table, appropriate halogen lamp, and art supplies with that money as well. Glee! [grin]

Well, time to go back to doing nothing in particular.

- Yosh Out.
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