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Sir Sapo


Hey guys, its been a while, sorry to all my loyal fans [wink]...

Anyways, bad things have been happening to Angels 20. I spent all night Friday working on the multiplayer portion of the game, and it was going great... until it didn't (not sure if that makes sense). I had been getting a whole sh*tload done, there were bullets flying everywhere, 4 airplanes kicking eachothers ass, but I kept getting wierd errors that made no sense. I finally decided to give it up for the night at 3:30 AM, so I saved the project, and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I brought up the client code to add some stuff I thought of the night before, however , something was wrong. Half of my main.cpp was missing. What was wierd was that it still compiled, the only stuff missing was all the rendering code, and all the player collision and extrapolation I had implemented the night before. I'm not sure what happened, but I suspect that since I had two Dev C++'s running at the same time (Server , Client), when I saved the project it must have gotten confused and spliced them together or something.

This might have been a blessing in disguise, because I recognize a lot of the mistakes I made the night before, so the client should turn out even better than the last one, WHOOO!!!!! I really didn't get much done after the 'incident', it really dropped my morale for a good while. I think I need to take a break from A20 and make a quick little game that I can finish fast. Maybe a networked Pong or something like that, would anyone be interested in playing that? Either that or a networked Asteroids with a vs. setting. Anyways, let me know if anyone wants anything specific, I'm gonna make something anyways.

Well peace out, I'm gonna sleep.

P.S. BattleField 2 Kicks Ass
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Just quickly flicked through the last few entries in your journal, that game your developing looks pretty kick ass. Kind of like an uptodate Harrier Attack from the Oric-1... or Sopwith. Excellent [grin]

Signed, Paul

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Thanks for the praise. I was trying to make an update wings of fury using OGL so I could play it on my own computer, and I never stopped updating [wink]...

P.S thats awesome you get to go see Molyneux

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How about making a game where there are a number of 'Alleyway' style blocks in between both players and the ball is a ravelled up snake, once you launch the snake it unravels and begins eating the blocks. Once it gets through the other side, it ravels back up, ready to be hit by the opponent.
The remaining blocks could then shoot off and if they hit you, it results in a 1 second delay do the other player has time to score past you.

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