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4E4 Update

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I made very little progress yesterday due to me spending 5 hours cleaning out my old place.

I'm thinking about how I often got myself in a mess with code in my old games. The code entropy (as Carmack calls it) likes to take hold early and I've often lost the battle with it in the past. This time I'm having to think two or three steps ahead and fighting it before it gets too much. As such, the restructuring of the core is pretty significiant but hopefully it should stave off some troubles later on. I am conscious that it'll be easy to overengineer this and spend time on the core rather than the game, so these changes are pretty important as they'll be the last I'm willing to make to the 'engine'. That said, I'm pretty confident they'll work out [grin].

I've got my basic story written out, so I now have a plan to work towards. The animation system is working nicely, as is the scripting system so it's time to write that key binding relay and start evoking actions on my characters. I think I'll drop the pseudo space-invaders stuff and start working with real game characters.

Time to flesh out the details of the enemies and the abilities of the main characters, I think!
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yeah I know what you mean... this competition entry will give me a fresh project to try and apply some things I've learned from the C# world back to C++. Plan to do agile test driven development and see how it pans out.

Thinking too much and overengineering is always a danger - when I look back at what I've done I find it very defensive and ecliptic, which means where as it's stable... some of my older stuff just feels a bit cluttered.

Signed, Paul

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