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Full Steam Ahead!

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Well I am finally getting back up to speed on things.

The game enemies are almost all rendered (only one generic enemy left)

Zac has been placing the enemy spawners on the maps, and we have set a goal to get the rest of the characters done, and placed this week, which breaks down into this task list.

-Render Ashidian Warlord
-Design/Render Female Civilian
-Design/Render Male Civillian
-Render Haliphen(new model)
-Render Sophia(new model)
-Render Ardus(new model)
-Render Morning's Attack Sequences
-Render Rhajad Rhul(the end boss, zomg!)
-Map9 Spawner Placement
-Map7 Spawner Placement

Pretty light set of tasks, so it shouldnt be a problem =D

From there we have only Three Major Gameplay Tasks Left

In order:

*Post-Battle Great Hall (civilians, soldiers, etc.)
*The Final Battle (oooohhh!)
*The Aftermath(needs some polish, leads into credits)

And then, two fluff tasks:

*The Intro Video
*The Credits Video

From there we leave the Polishing Phase(zomg!) and enter into the testing phase, where loads of testers bombard MW,and small engine fixes and slight revisions will make the game into it's final glowing form =D

We have already chosen people who will be the beta testers this time, who tested last time (based on thier participation level), but we are going to add some new ones, so now is the time if you want to get on 'the list', post here =D

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I think you told me I was testing last time, but never actually gave me anything to test :(

Anyway, I am psyched, mate.

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Well, I am considerably new to the area around here(Last 4 years was me hauling around a M16 and tons of gear...), but my intrest in following independent game developers never ceased to diminish.

I've read your journal and kept up to date with everything thats going on for quite a few months now. I love game development and once I finish the college thing, I -will- be a programmer, somewhere. ;)

If you guys need some extra assistance in the 'beta' stage of your development, dont hesitate to contact me.

aim: aim marine ; msn: dlmcgraw@ksu.edu (also e-mail address)

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Congratulations, looks like you're still right on track with this. [smile]

Can't wait to see this released. I'd be more than happy to help out with some testing if you're after a few more people.

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Who do i need to kill to be a tester ?


Thanks to everyone for posting, I will be using this post list for deciding new testers.

Until we are ready just sit tight, I will contact you when the time is 'right' =D

We are thinking, that the so-called, 'right' time, will be once we finish the final battle and the aftermath, which we are hopping to button-up early july.

we will be choosing only a few people, since everyone who participates in this test is esentialy going to be playing the game, and thus, it will be ruined for them, and we dont want to ruin the experience for many people until the game is -perfect-


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