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Action RPG

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wow. above and beyond mIRC, the only thing left (in my mind) is to give the beast scripting capabilities. i tried to change my name across the 4 servers i had open, and had to do it manually. no aliases, no scripting. but its on the todo list, i just gotta wait a bit. oh wells [grin]

Gameboy Hardware Specs

i'm using only one source as a reference here, but who cares. it can't be far off. original gameboy specs (what i'm aiming this game at) says:

CPU type: Z80 8-bit CMOS
CPU speed: 4.19 Mhz
RAM memory: 64 Kbit (8 Kbyte)
Max resolution: 160 x 144 pixels
Colors Available: 4 colors (greyscale)
Max colors at once: 4 colors
Max sprite size: 8 x 16 pixel or 8 x 8 pixels (switchable)
Max sprites: 40 sprites
Min/Max Cart Size: 256 Kbit - 16 Mbit
Sound: 4 Channel

i'm going to have to do a bit of magic to push some of these numbers, but i don't see this game really needing much more than that. the 4 color part was the real Q i had, i already knew the res. i suppose knowing that the cpu runs at 4mhz and that i've got about 8kb ram to work with is good.

[EDIT: holy shitballs! way better info here!]

Dragon Warrior

(typical game run)

we left off at garinham. we visited here for the first time, and now all we can do is wander around and get stronger until we stumble upon kol. i wonder why we're not told about it? well, they mention that the princess was taken east in garinham, so maybe thats indication enough. tell them to go east, but make them explore on their own.

- desert cave -

a trivial maze with two floors awaits. no monsters bother the player in here. when you get to the 'end' of the maze, a tablet is found, and you read it. it tells about 3 items guarded by 3 people, and you need these three things to get to charlock. on a side note, just one torch is all you need to go all the way in and out of the desert cave, even if you go the wrong way every time. i'm going to need to figure out the torch regression speed sometime.
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