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Freebeez and doings

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Got two freebies. . .

Linspire 5.0, formerly Lindows, is an easy-to-install Linux. Use coupon code "LycorisWelcome" and you'll get the download link.

Deep Paint 3D is now discontinued and is apparently free. Check here or here for downloads. I used an older version a while back. While it's not a good "end to end" bitmap editing solution like Photoshop or PSP, it does a few things really well, namely cool "realistic" pen effects.

Thanks to Bryan for the second one.

Bulldozer's pretty-much feature complete now and just needs final animation and music. I think I got a real live professional musician on the hook for some of the music. He's the former drummer for the former Ottoman Bigwigs, which is notable for being the band that would've opened for The Presidents of the United States of America during their heyday had the lead singer not left the band for an acting career.

Yeah, that's a spotty pedigree, but he's a talented guy and the Bigwigs remind me strongly of They Might Be Giants, who are well outta my price range.

Interestingly, I was talking to my movie producer pal on Saturday (who figured out that he was "family number two" in the post on friendship below, despite my attempts to obfuscate the names and circumstances). Apparently movie music is pretty dirt-simple to get, as every garage band in existence is more than happy to put music in your movie just for resume credit, even if your movies aren't top shelf material (see previous link).

This hasn't been the case for games, although I've gotten my music cheaply thus-far. The polka-anthem for Olive Wars I got in a trade for a joystick. And the bits for my Christmas Flash-game I got for $100 from a guy putting together a resume.

I could probably get music cheaper than from my Bigwig pal, but I want something special and I think he's just warped enough to make something interesting.

We'll see.

In the "pointless things that must be mine" department, there is this. The Dreamcast fishing controller coupled with Sega Bass Fishing was one of the most slackful videogaming experiences that could be had. I'll probably have to see how the (probably 16 bit Genesis quality) fishing game stacks up, but it's funny that somebody finally made the "do everything" controller that combines gamepad, gun, and fishing reel along with games.
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Linspire is awful. Even Mandriva can do better than it at most tasks, and then there's SuSE and Fedora which are excellent for first-timers.

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I wouldn't touch Linspire with a 20' poll, personally.

I'll have to check out this Deep Paint 3D dealy though, seems cool enough.

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