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## Lazteroids 2 -- deadline update

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So last week I set a deadline for myself to get something done on Lazteroids 2. I was to get the ship going in the direct direction, heh. So here's the scoop...

I got the ship going in the right direction, was much easier than I thought it would be (thanks Brad, for the help).

Deadline achieved! However... When I first thought of the game, I wanted a crimsonland control scheme. In that game, you move in all four directions (up/down, and strafing left/right), and use the mouse to aim. You are ROTATED in that direction, but not MOVED in that direction. That's just the direction you fire. so, why did I bother trying to get my ship to go in the direction it's pointing? I don't know. Stupid move on my part, wasn't thinking. It was pretty much a waste of time getting it to do that, since it wasn't even the style of control I wanted.

But then I got to thinking ... I can't use crimsonland-style controls in my game. Space ships can't move freely in all four directions ... they dont have reverse thrusters, or side thrusters ... at least, not my ships. I can't move the shi left when I press left, or move it back when I press down. So I had to scratch the crimsonland control idea. So, I'm back to making the ship move in the direction it's pointing, heh.

So confusing.
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