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Holy Moly

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DirectX has come a LONG way since I last used it. Holy Moly.

I mean, breakpoints within HLSL shaders, and being able to step through the assembly code in VS.NET?? Who the hell would use OpenGL?

No, no, I must digress. I know the benefits of OpenGL. I am not saying DirectX is better. But it is much better for me. I need to get something done. DirectX provides a library that will help me develop so much faster with all of its debugging features as well as its extensive library.

I am so impressed.

Now I almost want to go try C# to see if I get the same reaction. "Who the hell would use C++?" Hehe. No, that's not going to happen, but I did see a DX example that showed how to use C# as the scripting language. I am so up for that if it's really possible. But I think my core engine still needs to be C++ for various reasons.

*keep browsing through the DirectX examples*

Look at all the documentation on HLSL! I mean, there's a freaking HLSL workshop! GLSL has almost *nothing*, at least when I was doing it a couple months ago.

Maybe I'm beating OpenGL in the head a little too much.

But I mean, come on! Look at her! She's so beautiful!


By the way, who has worked with DX Effects? I have written a good effects system in another project, and I don't know if I want to learn a whole nother system. If it's that good though, I'll look into it.
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