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I have a very hard time sleeping recently...
I'm always very tired, but when I go to bed I can't sleep at all. So I just stare into the darkness at night and make up stories until the sun starts to come up, and then somehow I fall asleep, then I wake up a few hours later to go to work

Anyone have a suggestion of how to fall sleep? And no, that certain "something" doesn't really work anymore, I feel very well awake just a few minutes after that

On the other hand, the stories that I make up at night are quite interesting, it's as if my mine is trying to write a book, but it's really a bunch of unrelated funny stories.
People from a certain non-existent place have already heard a few of the stories
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The problem is that you're thinking. What I do is close my eyes, and try to make all of the light spots of what I see go away. It all turns to complete darkness and then I wake up.

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Do you exercise frequently? Getting my body tired usually works for me. (Not immediately before sleeping, but exercising during the day.)
Not only does it make me more sleepy, it also relieves some of the stress that sometimes keeps me awake.

Anyway, if it persists, ask the doctor.

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You could try beating yourself over the head with a meat truncheon of some sort.

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This wont work if you live somewhere hot but anyway...

Get absolutely freezing cold, cold as you can, just before getting into bed. Getting in to bed and warming up under the sheets usually goes a long way towards helping you nod off.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Read something difficult. =P

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