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More screens

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Will F


I've been working on the conversion to 3D and thought i'd share some screens of what I got done today. Nothing impressive, but considering i've just started with OpenGL, i'm happy with where i'm at.

I've had to switch away from calling SDL_SaveBMP() for generating the screens, as it seems that i'm getting a segmentation fault when trying to save a surface that is an OpenGL context. Then again, i'm not using the latest SDL (really need to put updating that on the top of my todo list) - so maybe it's fixed in the latest version - otherwise i'll go through the SDL source at some point and see if the problem is there, or if i'm doing something inappropriate in my code.

I've already gotten all the older screens to work in OpenGL, but 2D is pretty boring.

Here's a shot from above. The camera angle isn't too great, but i'll get to that later.

Here's a "first person" screen. I probably won't use anything like this is the actual game, but i'll play around with it and see if I can find something interesting with the idea.

They both need some more work to make them look better. I really need to take the time to use better textures (as these are 8 bit 32 x 32 pixels). I'll also probably switch the perspective to orthagonal, but didn't get around to it today.

I'm somewhat at a crossroads right now where i'm trying to decide if I want the gameplay to be roguelike hack and slash, tactical team based (i've been playing a lot of Phantom Brave on the PS2 lately, and feel somewhat inspired), or more action based.

I'm also beginning to realize that i'm probably not going to enter it into 4E4 unless I start putting much more time into it.
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