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Everyone put some funk in your pants

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So I am finally bothering to write an engine that is reusable between different games. This scares me, and should probably scare you as well.

More on this later, once I get the testbed game up and running..
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I'm scared. Somebody hold me. [sad]

In other news, you appear to be a night owl as well, good sir.

EDIT - I need not put funk in my pants when funk already resides therein!

I never!

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JH, the first thing you should know about me is that I am a wild-eyed fetus who would build his own assault rifle and car if it were allowed by the constraints of law.

Second, I don't actually bother to make a proper engine nine times out of ten and just hack crap on until it works properly.

Third, most of the freely available engines either don't build on my boxes (OS X and Linux), build poorly, or are just plain shit.

Fourth, I like pie.

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