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Today it begins.

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Current Music: Deftones - Digital Bath

Well, today begins my routine of excersising and drawing. I will be excercising / eating right / drawing daily as of now. I'm going for my walk in about twenty minutes or so. Although, I did just eat a buttload of freezies. [grin] I guess that's the last pig out for the summer, then - if I really want this to work, that is.

As far as drawing goes, I've made it my mission to draw some every day - besides what I'm required to draw at work. If I come up with anything worthy I'll be scanning it in and posting it here for all to see in its glory (or lack thereof [razz]). So, hooray? [wink]

Anyway, I've been giving World of Warcraft another go lately, but I'm not sure whether I should bother purchasing a three month game card for the summer or not. Will it be worth it? Will I use it enough to MAKE it worth it? Probably not. I best let WoW rest for the summer. I suppose I can decide later, as I still have until July the somethingth until my subscription ends.

Guild Wars, yeah... I have that and I haven't put even ten hours into it. I'm disappointed in myself. [depressed]

Also, I want out of my job pretty badly. Truely, I will never, ever consider a job with this community EVER again. Nobody can decide who should be in charge of designing what, and my boss is an arrogant asshole who believes he's the best shit since sliced bread (even though his memory is non existant). Oh well, a little over two weeks left.

Deftones - Elite roxx0rz, just so you all know. Seek it out!

Anyway, I best be going, since I have to clean up the empty freezy plastic dealies that are scattered every which way around me.

- Yosh Out.

UPDATE: I didn't walk this morning, things got in the way, but I'm deffinately doing it this afternoon.
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