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Point and laugh at the retard

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In the words of Fight Club's narrator - "I wanted to destroy something beautiful" [evil]

I've been in a furious mood all day - my job is dragging on, and I'm really not seeing the point in being here any more (I only have 6 weeks left of the contract).

Anyway, so my REXX mainframe script has been dicking around all week. I fixed most of the bugs, but in the process I have a mountain of debug statements (generates some 40,000 line log file).

So I wonder why there's one last thing it's not finding from a file (we're talking text-file parsing/processing here). I just found out why.


So, in my general stupidity and retardedness I mix up a couple of debug lines (REXX requires 3 lines of code for every line of debug output) with a line-incrementing statement.

outline = outfile.0 + 1
outfile.0 = outline
outfile.outline = "debug info here"


outline = outfile.0 + 1
outfile.0 = outline
tmp = curr_line + 1
outfile.outline = "debug info here"

I come back sometime and block-comment out the 3 lines of debug output, blindly commenting out the line-incrementing statement as well.

"Luckily" for me REXX had the tmp symbol already defined as being curr_line. If it hadn't had it defined it'd of exploded in a nice big obvious way. But nooooooo, it didn't even want to be that helpful [headshake]

I'm hoping that Washu isn't reading this [embarrass]

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Washu will beat you within an inch of your life.... and then, he's going to have you! *

* This may be fabrication

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