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Command Lines and Level Data

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With movie playback working (for the most part), I'm onto the next part of the prototype. That is, loading a level, complete with audio settings, physics elements, and game entities. Because it has to work well with OGRE's resource subsystem (if I could feed raw bytes into DotSceneManager I would) I'm suffering some headaches over how to store all the needed data without keeping it all in memory at once.

The more I work with OGRE, the more I feel like I am running up against limitations in the system. The resource subsystem is one major pain in the ass and is probably the most limited part of OGRE.

Another thing I'm working on is figuring out some decent command line parsing. Boost::program_options doesn't really cut it for me, and I refuse to use any GPL code which rules out the GNU getopt functions.
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interesting, at the moment I'm developing game logic away from any ui, just unit tests... but I have been looking in to using Ogre eventually.

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I love OGRE, don't get me wrong, but if you don't want everything twisted around on you and made more complicated, using Irrlicht or writing your own engine might be easier. Generally, you have to code around OGRE, not the other way, so adding it later on will be a horrible, horrible task.

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