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Screeny Wheeny

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Rob Loach


I've updated ScreenCap to Version 1.2. The two major things in this update are the installer and thumbnail generation. Through the installer, you can have it automatically when Windows starts up, which is nice. I made the installer using Nullsoft Scriptable Install System which was a new thing to me. It's actually quite powerful, even though the learning curve is quite huge.

The 4E4 project hasn't been as productive as I would've liked it to be lately. We're stuck on ideas for the design. Have it stictly use Lua for game states, have it strictly use C# for game states and then optionally call upon Lua for background scripting information? So many questions for the design, we don't know where to go. The good thing is that the audio system works very nicely. Creating a logging system is a pain in the ass. You want something that's easy to see information in realtime, but doesn't take up too much resources. We've been using the console temporarily until we find something out.

Random Interest

Lost is an amazing series.
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Very nice program, Rob. I think this type of program should be a standard for every game developer.

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You can use my logger, I posted it in the Xml article thread

Edit: Oh wait, you're using C#

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Oh wait, you're using C#
Yuppers. I will definately make use of the concepts brought up in the article though. It's actually quite easy to implement the use of XML in C# as it already has a complete system set up for it.

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I've always hated the design stage. Supposedly you can see flaws easier, but I'm purely a coder and I see flaws when I start using something, profiling it, etc.

But yeah, especially since you are using C# (compared to C++), you could come up with some prototypes to help the design stage along.

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I've used an eariler version of that Nullsoft installer - it does the business!

Very clean and professional looking site you've got their by the way

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