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draw draw draw

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here's a few sketches i did. i want to figure out how i'm going to draw some of the people i might want to do comics on later. obviously the first one is of me. i thought i'd be harder to do, but i'm actually satisfied with this..

steelgolem sketch

i wanted to give a guess at how i'd be drawing april. i sort of imagine her with a teacher/secretary look. give her a businessy look and a clipboard and stick a pencil over her ear, and you get..

april sketch

i realize theres some problems with the drawing, but again its just a concept sketch. i can easily see her using either of her props as weapons ^_^ also keep in mind, april's a small woman. she's likely going to be looking up at most of my characters [grin]

i'm working on a bigger thingy now, i figure i'd drop the working sketch in here to give you an idea of what i'm aiming for. its pretty close to what i wanted. i doubt i'm going to "nail it" as well as any professional artist could, but if its clean and the color doesn't suck then i'm going to be happy.

sg vs phoenix sketch
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*ups his hiring bid to 2 dollars a day, AND all the juciy-fruit you can chew AND a stick of mentos a week*

That there, is a wage made in heaven! ;D

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