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9 Days Of Hell

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Yep, nine days of hell remain. Counting today, I have nine days of hell left to suffer through. Really, it seems like an eternity.

What ever could I be talking about? My job. Three days this week, three the next (Thursday being a special ocassion and Friday being Canada day), and three the following. Nine days remain. Nine days and then I can rest for eternity - or at least for the summer.

Before those nine fateful days are up, however, I will be pleased to note that the money for my computer will become available on the seventh fateful day of the nine. [wink]

Anyway, I best get to work, or my boss will threaten to keep me longer. [depressed]

- Yosh Out.
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I'm making logos, brochures, business cards, and anything else involving art for the community for about another eight and a half days. It's an incredibly boring and tedius job. The only rewarding part is my check. Unfortunately, most (actually, all) of my check is going to pay off my credit card this time 'round.

Oh well, eight and a half days!

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