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Ingame politics

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The politics play a very important role in any community, be it real or virtual. As such, we need to create a fair and easy to use system so that the players in a city can vote for their leaders.
There will be various positions in a city, such as a mayor, a commerce/trade advisor, a research advisor, and so on.
Under the current system, every player will have 3 votes that he or she can cast on a candidate or another. For example, a player can cast all the votes on a candidate, or they can share them between two or 3 candidates (on different positions, of course).
Right now, I am still working at implementing the system, hopefully it should be done by the end of the week.
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Ah, multiple-candidate voting. A very intelligent way to handle it. [grin]

I still liked the shadow government idea though.

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Well, the idea is to spend them between multipel candidates for multipel functions. I mean, you can, if you want, spend all the 3 votes on 3 different mayor candidates, but it would be just stupid.

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