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Right, I've about given up securing the highscore for Psycho Boy, save for uploading all user input it's almost impossible to keep the hackers out.

I've been trying out RealBasic recently on the recommendation of someone, its quite impressive. It works in a similar way to VB but has a clearer interface and has more of a OO slant. I'm thinking of using it to make a platformer for the Four Elements contest. Anyway, to test it out I made noughts and crosses (with badgers and monkeys!):

Anyway, my idea so far for 4e4 is a simple platformer (tile-based background, mario-land ish gameplay) where as the player progresses through the game they obtain new abilities such as ninja jumping, robot lazers, zombie attack etc... I've wanted to try out sprite design as well so this should be a good opportunity.
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