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Too slow

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Updates have come painstakingly slow lately. I added some simple picking to the alpha I'm making which worked perfectly without too much of a hitch. It detects what tiles are being clicked on using a ray-triangle simple intersect formula. I want to add a couple more basic things to the alpha, like meshes and maybe lighting. Other than that There's really not much more to do than jump in and start getting into the thick of things. Several things are really keeping development slow. Those being my 10 hour workdays 5-6 days a week.

Stupid little things also keep my team held up, not to mention a lack of enthusiasm and help on their part. Can't help but to feel that these are really my fault as a team leader who doesn't really have time to "lead." Ahh well maybe that's just the long workweek talking...I should get back to something productive.
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