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raytracer part 10 (blinn VS phong)

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So I was using the standard Phong lighting equation. But it didn't match the teachers reference pic. So I checked his old notes, found a description of using the half vector (i.e. Blinn's variant).

Blinn's approximation sucks according to me...


if( (*nearestObject)->material().shininess() > 0.0 )
const cVector3<> viewDirection = ray.direction();
const cVector3<> reflection = directionToLight - Real(2.0) * dotLN * surfaceNormal;
const Real dotVR = Dot( viewDirection, reflection );
if( dotVR > 0 )
// Apply specular (phong) lightiing
const Real specular = pow( dotVR, (*nearestObject)->material().shininess() ) * (*nearestObject)->material().specular();
color += specular * light->color() * shade;


if( (*nearestObject)->material().shininess() > 0.0 )
const cVector3<> viewDirection = -ray.direction(); // should be directionToViewer?
const cVector3<> sumLV = directionToLight + viewDirection;
const cVector3<> halfway = sumLV / sumLV.length();

const Real dotHN = Dot( halfway, surfaceNormal );
if( dotHN > 0 )
// Apply specular (Blinn's Phong) lightiing
const Real specular = pow( dotHN, (*nearestObject)->material().shininess() ) * (*nearestObject)->material().specular();
color += specular * light->color() * shade; // NOTE: this is subject to attune

Image compare, Phong to the left and Blinn to the right


And the judge:
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