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Short one

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I'll try to make this one shorter then ussual, cause I need sleep. Work is fine, 8 hour days at almost minimum wage, but I need the money. I am seeing some old friends lately, but only scarcely, since I've been working hard on my DevProject. So about that:

I uploaded the document that contains the technical requirements and file listing for the game (or atleast what has been designed so far...) meaning I can begin work on programming! Yaaaay! That's my favorite part. Finally I can get down to the core of the project.

Also, I've been shopping for computer components. I've settled on the 'ThermalRock Full Tower- Cirle Series'. Google it, it's so sexy. That (and the power supply) will be the first things I will be spending my first paycheck on. Soon after will be the motherboard+CPU (I'm going for anything that supporots a Pentium 4 2.8gig with 4 DDR slots for memory, which can support up to 4 gigs of RAM). Well, like I said, off to bed. More later!

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