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TUT is great!

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TUT - C++ Unit testing reworked with C++ in mind, rather then a straight port of JUnit. No messy macros, just a simple to use framework written from a C++ point of view.

Having used my own properity mechanisms before for testing in C++, I must say this is more elegant then any of my previous attempts - and more ethestically pleasing then any other C++ unit testing framework I've seen.

It might be nice if it had a GUI or something, but I'm not sure if it would be worth the effort.

My 4e4 entry is coming along... very slowly. I do not think anyone has anything to fear from it right now - though if nothing else it's an educational experience. All C# at work right now, so being able to dip back in to C++ land and investigating what is currently out there is very interesting. In some ways it's easier to develop games in C++ then C# - not because of language but because of multitude of examples, documentation and libraries out there.

Anyway Agile/XP programming is def a freeing experience - even if you are on your own thus all that pair programming stuff goes out the window, the perspectives it teaches you are very empowering and have helped me overcome programmers writers block a few times.
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