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Why does no one ever comment on things unless it's something stupid? Rarely do I see comments, in anyones journal, regarding the dev side of the journal entries. Most of the replies go to the retarded entries...
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My theory on this is that nearly everyone here does dev related work, so when we see it, it's sortof mundane and the usual... but the funny stuff we take interest in because it's unusual and gives us a break from coding.

Eh. Whatever.

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I usually get a lot of replies on most of my journal entries...

Oh wait, yes you did mention that only stupid/retarded entries get replies!

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That is the key, I get plenty of comments on my journal, especialy when I post pictures of MW.

It might also have somthing to do with an Asteroids clone not being that interesting. Sorry =(

Perhaps work on a more complex original game?

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I'm not talking about mine in general. I could care less if people comment on my journal :P I was just asking in general. As I was browsing through looking at all the journal entries on the gamedev topic with zero to minimal replies, it made me wonder.

And yeah, I am doing another asteroids clone, oh well! heh.

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