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My phone is clevar

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A good friend of mine, Evolutional (aka Oli!), said that people like Journals with pictures. This entry has TWO - Get it! A Whole TWO - pictures.

So, a little while back, I was having a bit of a dilema over what I should do with my mobile phone contract. GDNet Lounge: Would you leave a contract based on peers experiences?

I, as the last post states, ended up with a nice new Nokia 6680. I'm still getting used to it - I'm a bit fussy over settings and tend to spend ages configuring these sorts of things till they're just right.

Anyway, the phone comes with a complete set of Microsoft-Office viewers (Word, Excel etc..) as well as Adobe Acrobat Viewer. So I thought I'd offload some of my downloaded presentations to the phone, see if I could read them "on the road":

Probably best you avoid examining the piece of paper in the background [wink]

I'm looking for a man... who calls himself Bucho! That's all! And you had to do it, the hard way!

As per the previous entry: Name the film and get the cookie [grin]

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