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I've been poisoned!

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So I got a curry from Asda (owned by Walmart) and it was off and me and the Mrs are now unwell from it. Went to complain and they only wanted to refund less then half of it! Had to kick up a fuss and get the manager - didn't get 200% on Asda brand like they promise on those signs everywhere, but did manage 100%.

So I'm ill, come to to gamedev to chill out an I notice my ratings have dipped around 40 points? What the f*ck? I've looked through my last few posts and cannot for the life of me figure out why.

Meh, ratings shouldn't matter but they do, I try and be helpful and polite... and I'm always gracious accepting advice and all that. I wouldn't dare posting about my ratings in a forum, but as this is my journal... my diary... my personal bit of Gamedev I feel I can say what I like.

So anyway I'm probably going to head off to bed, a little more deflated and depressed then I was before I came on here. With any luck I'll wake up feeling better!

For any interested, here's the car I got the other day:
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Damn, I'll have to make sure I'm careful of Asda curry. Luckily for me I cook my own [smile]

I did hear, from a student who works there, that Asda employees are required to attend weekly "smile" meetings. Apparently the purpose of the meeting is sitting around a table and smiling at your colleages. Anyone else think thats odd???? [oh]

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Anyone else think thats odd????

Shhhhh !!! Evolutional is one of them !

Nice car, btw.

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