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Smile meetings?!

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EDIT: Not sure why but this journal entry is top of googles hits for "Ogre sdl" when I just did a search for it.

You probably want to go here:

evolutional > the Passanda (that creamy curry) tasted like the creamyness of the source had gone off. I think it cannot have been kept cold enough. I know what you mean though - their curries are usually pretty tasty, but I'm not shopping their for my curry for a while.

jollyjeffers > You cook your own from scratch? Awesome!

stormrunner > cheers [smile]

Tons of thunderstorms last night, on the radio this morning they are warning about floods and stuff along the south west coast and moving north and east. Was hard to sleep! Danni (my Mrs) took some really good pictures of sky and electricity arcing across it. These are low quality web friendly shots.


RobotGame: ....

tests summary: ok:4
Press any key to continue

Well... it may not be much, but that's quite alot of game logic being tested there in those 4 test [wink]
Plan is, game logic first in seperate dll, gui later that uses game business logic dll. That way if I don't like Ogre, SDL or whatever I don't have to tear out bits of the project, just link it against a new view.
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Those do indeed look really inspirational. Could you host the larger images somewhere? I'd love to take a look at those.

Note, I'd be willing to host them for you if necessary.

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I felt bad for you after looking through your posts and journal and I couldn't see why you got voted down. Unless we have a mean voting fairy running around and if that's the case we need to borrow Noak's troll to bash her little fairy head in.

So I voted you up to make up for the drop in vote points! :)

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I went to rate you up, then I realized that I had already given you a +10 :(

Don't worry too much about ratings, its not like they actually do anything. You get randomly rated down every once in a while, but it'll come back up if you're not a jackass. And you're not a jackass, from what I've seen [wink]

How did she capture the pictures fast enough to get the lightning on film?

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Those are some nice shots; lightning is truly one of the more impressive of nature's forces. *glances outside* A desert storm be brewing tonight so maybe I'll get some here.

As for the ratings, don't worry about them too much. Here's some ratings++ for camera coolness.

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