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4E4 and the nature of ideas

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Ideas are strange things. Some days I have none, other days I have hundreds.

Most of them are lousy, a few are amazing. And I have very little skill at differentiating them.

My previous idea for 4E4 (A Pirates / robots / zombies RTS game), had several problems

- It was going to be very difficult to make
- Similarity to other potential entries
- Not easy enough to balance / make it enjoyable and amusing.

Today (well, maybe yesterday or the day before), I had another idea. This one is much better, much more original, and made me laugh just thinking about it (which is not necessarily a good sign).

*if* I can pull it off (and this is a big "If"), then it will be hugely entertaining. And seems fairly achievable at the moment. But then perhaps I'm barking mad (hint: yes).

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Recommended Comments

You 4E4 contestants are ignoring an obvious design fact:

Number of ghosts in Pac Man = 4
Pirate + Ninja + Zombie + Robot = 4

This is too startling to be a coincidence. Start designing.

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I'd like to see your idea Mark =) I'm musing on whether mine is creative enough or not.

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I'm in the same boat... got a pretty simple thing in my head if executed well could really do well... but... will it get that far? Hmmmmm

Good luck anyway, look forward to seeing the entry [smile]

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