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Politics reloaded

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I am still working at the city Secretary NPC. Half of it's functionality is implemented, but while working at it I came up with a few ideas so I had to modify some old code a little. Actually, not modify, but add to it.
For example, we will store the date a player joined the city, and when it logged in last time. This way, we can do some nice things such as have referendums, where we can have decisions taken only by more than 50% of the number of people that logged in the last few days. This way, if half of the city players are in vacation, and the city needs a referendum, they can use the majority of the rest of the players (that is, a majority will be 25% of the total population).
On an unrelated note, I just slipped in the shower, and almost broke my left elbow and foot. It hurts, the bone is a little bumped, but at least not broken.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Hope your sore bits are better :)

with the next $5 donation to the cause, pop out and buy a non-slip pad for the bath - we can't have you incapacitated by a passing mutant soap bar can we?


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Yeah, I feel better now, just a few sores and a slight limp.
I think we have a rubber mat thingy, but never used it before.

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