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4E4RTS !!!

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Well, I decided it was time to give my project a little endeavor, so I asked around, and Tron3k smugly gave me "4E4RTS" as a tenative title.

For some strange reason, I read that as "HEARTS" and I'm going to stick with that as the almost final name. Yay!

Made a little mockup of a banner for the game. Looks like crap, but it provided a good diversion from actually working. Which was the purpose of making it in the first place.

Coding-wise, I got into a fight with implicit type conversions this morning, didn't notice I was implicitly converting ints to floats. Figured it out after a couple of hours, and managed to make the second-to-last tweak on the map scrolling crap.

THe last thing I think I might possibly get done today (provided no more distractions arise) is some culling optimizations to the map class.

Guess that means no units yet - still have to design the three classes that govern them! [wink] I've got most of the ideas laid out in my head though.

No worries yet! [grin]

EDIT: Map culling isn't getting done tonight. I got derailed :)

EDIT2: The results of my diversion:

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You should keep the graphics looking like they are, it reminds me of Warlocked on GBC.

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I desire your sprite art. Join me, Mushu, and we can rule the universe together as father and son.

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