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Colin Jeanne


I've started working on my 4E4 game. This is the final storyline (at least this is what I plan on being the final storyline [smile])

You're a programmer who has just finished creating your very own humanoid robot. Since you've been working all day on it, you hit the hay after you put the finishing touches on it. Sortly after you slip into dreamland somebody break into your house and steal your robot waking you up in the process but too late for you to stop them! You decide to go out into the night and track down this thief but you discover a piece of your robot on your front lawn - it has been broken!

To top things off, it seems like there are an abnormal amount of zombies wandering around your city and they seem bent on preventing you from recovering your masterpiece. Fortunately for you, you are well versed in the martial arts.

That's it! Ninjas, robots, and zombies with the possibility of a few references to pirates (most likely of the software kind). There will be a number of levels in which you will need to find parts of your robot although you will not need all of the parts to complete the game (but there will be a bonus if you do manage to get all of them). There will, however, be five parts that you DO need to get in order to progress:

Robot Feet - allow you to jump very high/far
Robot Arm - to be used as a grappling hook
Robot Eyes - allow you to see things you cannot normally see (doorways, level exits, etc)
Robot Breastplate - reduces the damage done to you
Robot Skin - highly reflective!

To aquire these items you will need to
1) collect a certain number of robot parts from the levels
2) defeat a boss / solve a hard puzzle

Within the next few days I'm going to storyboard the entire city and at least a few of the levels. I'll either scan and post them or if I happen to make them using something like Paint.NET I'll just post them.

I think the hardest part about this game will be the actual artwork. I suck at drawing in real life and it's even worse on computers. [sad]
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ah good, nothing like my idea [grin]
Your idea sounds fun though, look forward to seeing it!
Journal props, rating +++++ [wink]

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