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Guess what!
I can't sleep.. As usual!

Here, I'll make a poem in my waking hour:
Oh the great something something,
As your thingies are like those nice stuff I can't describe!
How do you do the stuff that you do?
They are like some really cool stuff that people kind of like!

O, What a great poem I made about things,
As you read more into it, the nice features of stuff surrounds your mental blah.
What the fuck, I'm not a poet

I hope you enjoy my latest poetry. Please join us again for the next poetry session where I will also make a theme music by taping a paper clip to my genitals and rubbing it on the microphone.
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I'm looking forward to this. Are you going to use a big paperclip? A small one? A plastic one? A purple one? What, man, what?

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