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I love british weather

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So, yesterday, I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed - basically a display of the worlds greatest motor cars (new and old). The density of petrol heads per square meter was quite high.

I also don't think I have ever seen so many Porche's in a single car-park. Ever! It doesn't help that they're quite easy to spot and they all look the same - but without trying we counted over 30 of them between our car and the main entrance [oh] I'm never gonna buy a Porche - too common.

It was a damn good day out, and as tickets were free the damage to my wallet was GBP5.10 - for 3 bottles of water [smile]

Although, I do wish that "brits complain about the weather" thread was still active in the lounge:

Most of the day was blisteringly hot - I didn't put on any sun block (stupid me!) so I'm quite well cooked. My nose actually looks like it might have sustained some damage as it's bright red, blistered and generally looks like it's melted [sad]

Then late afternoon, around 5pm, it rained. I mean it really rained - I don't think I've been soaked so much or so quickly in years.. Best bit, we were stuck at the hillclimb paddock - the most exposed part that was the furthest from the car parks (took up 35mins to run back!).

Now you see why we brits moan!? serious sunburn in the day, dripping wet and risking hypothermia in the evening [rolleyes].

Being that this was one of the premier UK "live" (as in, the cars drove and weren't just static) motorsport exhibitions we got to see a lot of cool cars. I have over 300 photos from the wacky racers through current F1 cars to previously unseen supercars/concept cars.

That's a few of the better shots, most of the ones I took were when the cars were actually out on the "track" - so they aren't quite as sharp as I might hope. I am impressed with the last picture of the John Player Special though [grin]

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Sure I can't tempt you in this fine vehicle:

Or this rock-on-wheels:

Apparently, from a program I saw on TV a while back, this vehicle as a "Vibrator" button on the dashboard :


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Lucky, right next door to you while you were having beautiful, sunny weather we was having a hurricane, damn you. Reminds me of one of those cartoons where two guys are standing next to each other but the one guy is getting thunderstormed on, while the other is in sunny weather..

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Sure I can't tempt you in this fine vehicle:

They call it the shagin' wagin.

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