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Hello SourceForge

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Rob Loach


We submitted our 4E4 contest entry to SourceForge and it was approved so for the past while I've been fooling around with the CVS. I think I've finally figured it out now by using PuttyGen, PuttyAnt, Putty and TortoiseCVS. It's all setup now, although having to try and get it setup again on another machine might be a challenge. Hopefully Cibressus will stop being lazy and do it on his machine [smile]. Sorry, no screenshots yet until we have something to show. Most of the impressive stuff has to do with the design and the backend anyway, so I might post some code later on. Apparently SourceForge is planning to implement SubVersion into their system, which would be much better, but that won't be in effect for about a year I'm guessing.

Sure, here's a small demo to display Hello World:

using System;
using kEngine;

namespace HelloWorld
class HelloWorld
public HelloWorld()
// Start up engine
kEngine.WindowCaption = "kEngine - Writer Test";
kEngine.Initialize(new MainState());
kEngine.FillColor = Color.Wheat;

public static void Main(string[] args)
HelloWorld t = new HelloWorld();

// Main state
private class MainState : kState
// We need to paint the state
public override void DoPaint()
kWriter.Write("Why, Hello World!",
kEngine.Screen.Width/2, kEngine.Screen.Height,

// When they press a key
public override void DoKeyDown(kEngine.Key key)
case kEngine.Key.Escape:
kEngine.Quit = true;

As for the actual development of it. We finally got a logging system working that documents the filename and line number in a log file. Might implement the good ol' XML logging goodness that Evolutional and jollyjeffers brought up a while ago. Cibressus says he'll have a sprite class up and running today. I did one yesterday that worked, but he seems to be determined [smile]. FMOD in the audio system has been acting up recently so we might switch to see if we can get it working with SDL_mixer. It's rather different working through the interface of SDL.NET. I'm use to using normal SDL.

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I hope Cibressus has better luck with alpha/colour keying than I've been having with my sprites [sad]

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