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Today I shall make a recommendation for a movie: Primer.

It's an independent film that starred at Sundance and deals with 2 engineer friends that deal with the moral and intellectual difficulties that arise from one of their inventions - a time machine. Definitely check it out [smile]. The director/writer/editor/star of the movie/everything else does a good job considering this is his first film. I look forward to seeing more films from him.

In other news, I got a virus last weekend that after I restarted my computer, wouldn't allow me to completely boot into Windows, so I had to reformat. I didn't really have a whole lot that needed saving, but I did have a novel on there that I started about 2 years ago, I did have backups, but none very recent, so I lost about the last 1/4 of the thing.

This may have been a good thing, though. I hadn't touched the thing in months and I didn't like the ending, so this just gives me an excuse to rewrite it I guess.
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