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Time Flys

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I haven't really had much time for developement this week. I'm currently concentrating on refining a public image for myself to do some freelancing once again. This is something that I've done in the past and have been somewhat successful at. Currently, I work around thirty hours a week at the restaurant that I employeed at. I figure that if I concentrate enough on freelancing, I can eventually recieve my base income from it, which in turn will allow me to spend more time concentrating on working on what it is I really want to, games.

I know for this I have to start small and build up a strong client base as looking for work has been the most time consuming step in freelancing, in the past. I hope to have atleast five steady clients within a six month period, but that may be a little much. I'll have to see how things develope. Well, I'm off to my day job in a few.
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