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Apparently the heat, at its highest, was supposed to have gone up to 33 C. I'm not sure if it actually went above or below that mark, as I slept most of the day, but god damn it is HOT right now.

Yeah, I know, a lot of you Americans have to deal with hotter, muggier climates - but living on an island in the Atlantic you get used to a bit of a cooler climate, to say the least.

Anyway, I finally finished the community logo (it's a scooner [a type of boat], basically) "up to spec" (exactly as my boss wanted it), so that's done with. Now, I just have to work on the community web page, and I'll be done. Oh yes, more work on the Summer Funfest '05 brochure and the community brochure as well.

In other news, eight days left. Three next week and five the following - let me tell you, I'm anticipating my last day quite a bit.

Also, Tuesday I shall be ordering in my computer parts from ATIC. Why Tuesday? That's when the payment for my credit card will show up. My parents will then pay off the credit card after I have bought the computer parts (about $1035.06 or so CAD), since they're buying me the computer as a "graduation + getting into college" present. The following Monday I will be then buying a 19" monitor, D-Link router, 50' RJ45 Cat-5 cable (ethernet cable), a DVD-ROM and perhaps some games.

All is generally good. [smile]

- Yosh Out.
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