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New Map format...new editor...1 days work

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Hey all

been a while since I last posted on here.

Since I have, I decided to scrap Quake 3 BSPs in favour of my own map format.
I feel this was a good decision since I now have far more control on the way the map looks and works. It also means I can add and remove different things from the file.

Once I had the basic map format sorted out and a renderer written for it I decided to write an editor. Keep in mind the map format is VERY basic at the moment and only supports cubes but does support multi-texturing and stuff. However it does have the ability to expand to allowing just about everything. Also the editor is very simple as well- it kinda reminds me of the good old days of doom map editing. At the moment it works on one viewport by 3 views- top/front/side. You just scroll round them. You have full control over the cubes but at the moment they are controlled by the keyboard and as of yet has no ability to assign textures. You add primitives through console commands. Having said that, not bad for one days work [smile].

heres the editor in 'Edit' mode:

And heres a shot of the editor in 'World Preview' mode (With engines default texture):

Anyway, I am going to continue with this full on in my spare time. I am much happier now I have my own custom map format.
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