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I'm taking a week off from work to visit family and spend time with my wife. I decided that whenever I got a few minutes to myself (since I'm not at home and don't have access to my code, or even VisualStudio) that I would work on my website.

So I've been doing a little ASP and html, but the weird thing is... I can't think of anything I'd like to add to my site, I mean the site itself is pretty good (IMO) and could only benefit from having more content.

I fixed a couple of small bugs that I had never gotten around to fixing, but they were in the "members" section of the website (which only has 1 member, me). It's really cool, a while back I wrote a nice little system that allows me to update my site from anywhere just by logging in to it.

I asked a buddy of mine, who is pretty good at doing web stuff, and he suggested I tried one of those CMS (content management systems), which basically let you create your site just by customizing some things. Sounds cool and all, but it kind of takes the magic away from it. I'm very proud that I've always made my own website by writing every line of code myself (except of course for those few copy/pasted from somewhere else).

One thing I'm a bit curious to try is using C# in a website, I'm not entirely sure what I would do with it though...

Yea, so that's about it, nothing terribly exciting, hell, I'm kind of falling asleep as I write this.

Oh yea, and it's my birthday today... I'm 26 now, only 4 years left to become a millionaire before my 30th birthday. It's on now.
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Happy birthday ;) Mine was yesterday. Yay for Junies.

I've been working on something similar to a CMS. I did the layout and I have all of the blocks and main page editable from a control panel that I can get to by logging in to my site. The content is saved to a database, and then printed, so the actual content is changeable whereas the layout isn't... I'm rambling, so I'm done now.

Good luck :).

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26 huh... that happened to me a couple of months ago. Way off my millionaire target myself! [smile]
Happy Birthday!

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