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Dihydrogen Monoxide!!!!

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I've gotten a chance of late to do a lot of swimming, which has been a blast and a great way to destress as I work full time on my book. I haven't been swimming in five or six years. What's funny is that I've been living for three years in a huge condo complex that has three of these

but never bothered to register with the powers that be to get a key. It cost $100.00 to do so, and I just figured it'd be better to spend that on game development!

Oh well, I guess we all have our priorities. [smile]

Straylight Update

A few cool ideas have been percolating that could really spice up the world & reduce dev costs:

Shadow Self: The shadow self is your will encoded in AI. It roams the wires, acts as VR assistant, and reports back on events in the world. Like a constant NPC companion, you interact with it through symbols and dialog. It can advise you of plots against you, business opportunities, and act as continual built-in help.

VR Command Centers: Ships, bases and businesses will be controlled in VR (think Matrix, Zion docking control). Emphasis will be on character interaction and minigames, with summarized decisions requiring your strategic input. No low level micromanagement!

HMI & Emotional Noise: Human-machine interfaces require a level head to control. This now makes the morale bar and personality stats MUCH more integrated. Morale will affect your ability to control things like ships, drones and power armor.

Nano-template Chips: Change the stats of items using a chip add-on! I hope this will clear the unrealistic expectation of having massive varieties of low level items.

The battle is always how to reduce content, and I'm hoping these will turn out to be satisfying options.
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