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Interior Lighting

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I stumbled upon this program today, it's called Light Map Maker.

I've been trying to figure out the best way to handle lighting in the interiors of the buildings...and this little $39 dollar program was the solution to my problem.

It's very easy to use, and does it's job well...it supports lightmaps, radiosity, and all kinds of other cool stuff.

After a few hours of playing around I was able to generate lightmaps for all the interiors of the buildings I have in the game right now...here's some screens of how it's looking.

So I guess I'm gonna go with static lightmaps on the interiors of the buildings, and use my little shadow hack for the dynamic shadows on the outside of the buildings. For the shadowing of the people/cars/objects I'm just using a quad with a alpha blended shadow texture directly under the character...pretty standard.

I should have some really cool stuff later this week...

- Dan
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Glad to see an indie making it!

I know this sounds crazy given what you have to go through to build this thing, but have you thought about expanding this into a property that can be licensed? Maybe with specific characters?

I was talking with a biz guy who has started 3 game companies and now publishes indies. He told me that one of the greatest dangers we indies face is not thinking about trying to build a brand that extends the life of the product. So we work like the devil, put it out in a clogged channel, and that's that. With most deals, the publisher takes all IP, so we also have to start from scratch.

You may be lucky enough to not have to worry about funding problems (!), but brandable characters (like Gordon of Half-Life or Sam Fisher) could make building the next game all that much easier.

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I reluctantly agree with the Wavinator.

Since you're making a commercial game, do what the big boys do and market your game.

I don't think it would be difficult setting up some cool gangster druglord/mafia characters. Kind of like bosses, I guess.

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Thanks for the ideas. I don't know how much character development I could really have in this game. All of the bosses are going to be somewhat faceless, like in most RTS games. And the units are going to be generic stereotypes of the "type" of gang.

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Two things about your site:

It's Information. I guess you could be going for the gangsta feel.

Also, it's 2005 now, you should change your copyright notice. [grin]

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I thought I did change the infomation thing everywhere...where's it still spelled wrong? The guy who made my site spelled it wrong years ago.

Yea I gotta change the copyright, might as well just wait til 2006 ;-)

[edit] ok I found where it needs to be changed... ;-)

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I had a look at that game, it seems very cool. Almost all of the things you can do in that game will be in my game also, my interface and the way you interact/give orders will be a lot more streamlined than their interface...probably just because their game is so old. It looks intersting though, thanks for the info.

Also there's an old game called "Legal Crime" that's a lot like that game, and my game.

You have no idea how seriously good news that is for me. That game converted many, many of my hours into nothing, its one of my favorite games ever.

Ive always wondered if anyone could bring that concept to the modern age - unlike most, i feel GTA failed on that count, too much meaninglessnsess in the freedom and to errand like in the task allotment- and why it had not been done yet. If you do this right you stand to make a great deal of money good man. I wish you the best of luck. Also, Ive just added your game to the list of exciting upcoming games I cant wait to play.

btw thanks for pointing me to that game. Havent had the time to play it yet though.

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