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Final Boss Model

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Here is the final iteration of the final boss.
He has alreay been animated and rendered (took 4 hours to render, gah)

In other news:
*map9 and 10 spawners are in
*redid Leowyn Royal Soldier
some characters still pending, hoping to knock them off this week.

planning this weekend to script the final battle with zac, if all goes well, testing could be as near as next week.
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Stand fast puny mortals and fear the wrath of Porcupine Man(tm).

Man, it must take three hours for that guy to go to the bathroom.

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Nice! Dude, how much is your game going to cost? I was just wondering, no matter how you spin it though, you still have my purchase! Keep up the good work!


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It's probably a trick of perspective (and because he doesn't have a shadow) but his legs seem a bit too short to me.

Other than that, he looks pretty cool.

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We are going to be selling MW for 29.99 (30 bucks lol),

we are considering giving GameDev.net members a discount, but that is still in the works.

Our Gold-Disk deadline of august is still looking good, hopefully the website doesnt take to long to deal with, so we can get it selling.


ZOMG tis, RHajad the Hedgehog! =D

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4 hours???
WTF? What rendering program did you use, and what hardware?

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[jedi_mind_trick] You will give GDNet+ members a discount. [/jedi_mind_trick] Nice boss!

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Poser 4, 256x256 frame size, 32 bpp, 256 frames, AMD Athalon 950 MHZ, 256 MB Ram

Poser4 is all software rendering, no HW support.

Each frame took about a minute to render, give or take. =D


I will give GDNet+ members a.. hey wait a sec! [grin]

Well obviously haven't decided what is what yet, I might want to speak with the GDNet staff about it, if the % is high enough it might drive a potential incentive for people to get a GDNet+ membership, and with that in mind, GDNet might be able to give us somthing in return for the targeted discount (advertizing anyone? [grin]) anyhow, all theory for the moment =)

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Discount schmiscount.

If I don't get a gratis copy for all the free professional consulting I've provided in the form of blog-comments, I'll just send him an invoice.

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Oh good! i've been wanting some more bird-cage liner* [grin]

A few people will be getting gratis copies.

The five members of the development team will get boxed copies.
Close supporters will likely get CD versions.
And others will get a free download.

What warents somone getting a free copy? why, exceptional help on the game of course =D

If there is a potential want for it, we will also create and auction off a boxed version of the game with all of our signatures on it, as well as some bonus material on the CD, which will probably be composed of.

-developer interviews
-footage of the meeting (when we all gather to meet for the first time)
-resources that never made it into the game (artwork, ideas, etc.)
-demos and resources of past games that I have worked on

*I don't have a bird, nor it's cage.

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Very nice! Can't wait until it's out [smile]

Have you guys met yet? If not, when's that taking place? Just curious.. *cough*

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well, we are hoping to meet some time this early fall, since that is likely when things will really wind up.

I am not sure on the logistics for it all but it should be pretty easy.

The place will be my apartment, in Northampton MA, and if all goes well we will have quite the get together =D

only person i am worried that wont make it is Morgan, because of distance and other potential reasons. But here is the coarse location breakdown.

Me - Massachusets (yay)
Jenna - Massachusets (why havent we met yet!? busy i guess)
Adam - New Hampshire (again! why havent we met lol)
Morgan - Canada - Sask. (could be tense, not exactly a hop-skip-and a jump)
Zac - North Carolina (not super close, but not that far either)

So hopefuly everyone can make it, we will plan that once MW is out the door. I bought a camcorder specialy for the anticipation of this, I plan to get lots of footage of our gathering as well as interviews =D

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