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Just a quicky

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I've started work programming the project now. It's sweet. I'm so glad I can concentrate on programming now. I spent yesterday taking all the code from the prototype and turning it into a usable equivilent in the actual game. I also built a system where instead of using a new bitmap for each platform, I use the same bitmap to make a platform of various lengths multiple of the bitmap length, and most of my platforms are 10 tall and have a length multiple of 20, so I made a 20x10 bitmap and tried it out, and lo and behold, it works. Sweet. I also got an enemy to stand on it.

Todays projects when I get home from work (which is where I am now, I just got here early): First I have to take the collision detection for solid objects out of the player class and put them in the object class, so each object is independant of itself and checks itself against the player instead of the player having to check each one. That's alot of code to write. It's unnecessary. It's alot of code to transfer though. I also have to write the code for objects that you can pretty much walk through at all angles but can stand on top of them (so for things like buildings).

Then finally I have to write moving platform code, which should prove to be pretty difficult. I have to integrate the platform class (the one which makes platforms of variable lengths) with the patrolent class (the class that makes enemies that move back and forth) to make what is basically a platform that with a variable length that moves back and forth. Making it so that the player moves with the platform while standing on it though should be weird to code, but not too difficult at all.

So I know I havn't been able to provide any pictures or screens for a while (cause I have nothing to show), but I do have this:


It's probably what is going to be the main theme for the game (from which there will be a few varients). It's alittle big, so I'm working on cutting down on the size. But really, check it out, it's pretty sweet.

Anyhow, I've gotta get to work now. Time to do my thing. I'll write again soon!

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