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Im betting 'alone' is the best way to do this...

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My new partner rarely communicates with me, other than to tell me that the features we want to have in this game will be next to impossible to code in VB, for him at least. This leaves me with only one option of course.


At this point Ive figured Ive done too much planning and not enough coding. *I* know what *I* want to do in this game and *I* know how to do it. What this will mean is that I will be building the game myself. This is what I had planned all along, so Im not bothered by it. Also, I wont have to make it online either.

Now, being perfectly content to do this on my own, and having had this planned from the start, Ill do what I had always intended on doing.

Isnt it great when you let little things turn into large gaps in productivity?

I dont think so either. ;)
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Yeah, that's why I'm not looking for help on my 4E4 entry - because people have their own ideas and in all honesty, take more energy to manage than it would take just to code the thing myself.

The people I will be looking for once the project reaches a playable state, however, are pixelartists. Because my art sucks.

Engine playability still looks at least a month away though, if not a little longer. *sigh*

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Thanks Hope! :D I may decide to take bring Zarathorne back into the fold (in case you werent sure who I was talking about) once I get the game creator version up, I think hes studying C++ at the moment, but I cant wait for that of course. The spriting needs to happen now so I can test these features out. ;)

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Looking forward to playing your game especially if it has pirobots. Arrrrr...*beep*...me matey... The treasure be buried in the *NullExceptionError, program termintating.*

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