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I've done...


I suck at programming :)

Anyhow, now that THAT's out of the way. I'm starting to think about my new computer. My P3-800, GeForce 3, and 1gig of ram isn't cutting it anymore. So, I'm thinking of going with something 64 bit and an SLi video solution (Dual 6600 GTs). It's gonna be expensive. Then afterwards, I'm going to upgrade my old computer (which will become my wife's computer). I would feel bad having an uber system and her having a crappy one, so I'll figure out something to put in place of the current mobo/processor. I'd like to stickwith something that stilll takes SD-RAM, that way I dont have to shell out for new ram also. Hell, I might as well just buy her a new computer too :/

And in other news, GWAR kicks ass.
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6800GT cards have started coming down in price already, I think retailers just want to get rid of stock now the 7800s are out. Get 2 of those, stick them with an AMD 4000+, 2GB RAM and a fast SATA hard drive. That should keep you going for a while :-)

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Yeah I'm hoping that the 200s will drop the price of the 6800s. If not, it's two 6600s

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