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So, tomorrow I order my computer parts!

I'm now ordering from NCIX since ATIC has the WORST service and WORST return policies EVER. Plus, there's a huge sale on at NCIX (the Batman Begins sale [grin]), so I'm queing into that BIG TIME. I'm also SAVING big time because of that.

Originally, I was going to get two sticks of awesome OCZ RAM and opt for a Soltek mobo, but I really want a quality mobo and I can do with slightly slower RAM (CAS 2.5 vs. CAS 2), so I'm opting for an ASUS mobo (A8V Deluxe) and Corsair Velueselect RAM. I'm still getting a gig though - can't do without that.

Everybody's seen my thread on my to-be computer specs, but please, feel free to go there and post on anything you think I should change for whatever reason. Tomorrow I order the parts, as the sale ends tomorrow, so I need to know ASAP if I can change this or that to save me some pain in the future.

Anyway, I'm off, nature calls.

Oh yeah, art will come AFTER work is over I've decided - as will my weight loss program. Work ends next Friday (the Friday after the one coming up), so h00r4y!

- Yosh Out.
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