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My town is famous!

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I was watching this movie a few days ago called "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle". This is a very hilarious movie and I suggest to all of you to watch it. Anyway, the movie supposedly took place in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The movie is about these two guys who get stoned and see a commercial for White Castle and want it since it is "the perfect meal". They go all over Jersey, including New Brunswick (my friend goes to school there) and they end up at the White Castle in Cherry Hill (my town). But there are a few problems with this movie:

  • They show mountains in what is supposedly Cherry Hill, yet I have never seen a mountain in my town (not even a hill, ironically).
  • They show a lot of farm land. This might've been true about Cherry Hill 60 years ago when my town was all farm land. But everything is developed now, so there is no farm land (except Barclay Farm which is a historical farm, meaning no current farming going on).
  • Probably the biggest problem is the fact that there is no White Castle in Cherry Hill. None.

This was a very good movie, though, even with these problems I pointed out. They are not really problems. I just wanted to fill up a journal entry. If you are going to see the movie, make sure to get the Unrated DVD edition. You will absolutely love it, I guarantee it. So long for now.


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