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Blah Blah Blah.....

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Hey guys, hows it going?

Didn't get much work done today, because I was out and about. i ate at Chili's (which sucked), went to a pool party (hot girls == [smile]) , and then went to White Sands with my friends (for all you that dont know , White Sands is a huge gypsum sand deposit in new mexico, 15 minutes from the Air Force Base I live on. Its like a beach with 50 foot dunes and no water).

What I did do today is work out some issues I have been having with the framerate in A20. When I built the groundwork for the A20 engine, I wasn't thinking ahead and embedded all the update calls into the Render function of the level, so the updates are framerate dependent[crying]. Anyways I made it so the framerate is locked at 60, so that might fix the problem.

I also worked on a little banner for A20 that I will be putting at the top of this journal soon.

Anyways, Warped Tour '05 is tomorrow, and I got to get up early, so I will talk to you guys later.
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Been to white sands and surfed the dunes. I miss the dry heat. Used to live in Portales if ya know where that is. :D

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