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Well, it's before work again, and it's happyhappyjournaltime. Yesterday I got alot of good programming done. I transfered all of the collision detection code like I wanted too (which took much longer than I thought), and made the 'structure' class for things like buildings. This is all I need to code for the level 1 environment, but all I need to finish it all up is moving platforms (I wanted to do it yesterday, but that was an unreasonable deadline. I'll make up for it tonight, and tomorrow is my day off), so I might as well get that done before I move onto enemy code. Also, I have to update the Requirements Doc. to reflect that I can now remove practically all of the platforms from the list and replace them with a single block of 20x10 (which I can now append onto each other to just make longer images).

Ugh, and after I finish the next bit of enemy code, I have to start bullet code. I hate bullet code. It's so easy, but my bad experience making Space Invaders ahead of my time was enough to unnerve me about the subject. But I need them for turrets and the first boss, so I might as well. Oh, and does anyone know how to check the FPS (Dev-C++, Allegro). I'm starting to like Dev-C++ more and more as the days go by.

Oh, and I got my first paycheck for the new job yesterday (even though I'm supposed to get it every four days and this time it took 7). Whoo hoo! Good stuff, now I can start buying computer components. Everybody Google the ThermalRock Circle Series Full Tower Case. Those words will bring you to it. It's so sexy.

And I've got to do something to get more people intersted in reading this journal. I think putting up some good screenies soon might attract some attention. I need to pick up the latest concept art, it's really killing me not having it. Or a pixel artist. Yeah, that one is bugging me a bit more. Stand in art will do fine for now, though. It looks like I'm not too bad at it, either.

Well, anyway, it's time to eat breakfast and start working, I suppose. Talk to you all soon. Oh, and listen to the game theme:


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Guest Anonymous Poster


I love it. It has a very old school Sega game feel(Sorry, I only had a Genesis back then).

My biggest complaint about it is that you should definetly lower the amount of filesize used by the song. 16 megabytes for one song is pushing it.

You should try another format like OGG or MIDI. Don't use mp3, because you are required to get a license in order to use mp3 songs in commercial products.

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